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BLACK FRIDAY 2017 – The Shopping Craze
MAria Aviles / November 24, 2017

BLACK FRIDAY 2017 – The Shopping Craze
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It’s officially here!! People are even now running into shops, making the best purchases and finding the best deals all over the world! Come on then! Get out and buy the best Christmas gifts around for all your loved ones!

So where does all this come from? In the USA, the 23rd of November happens to be Thanksgiving Day, after  this day the people take to the streets to go shopping. What better way to attract more customers? Bring down the prices, smash the records and go into the black!! See that’s what the term ‘Black Friday’ means today. This is the day that most businesses move from the ‘RED’ – running at a loss to in the ‘BLACK’ – turning a profit!!

So happy shopping everyone! Good Luck! and   if you are planning any sprees don’t overdo it! In the meantime here’s a video of just how crazy BLACK FRIDAY can be!