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Free online course as part of the scheme – Empowering the Tourism Workforce through E-learning by MTA

Online training implemented via Zoom to cater for a variety of abilities and occupational levels, taking into consideration the tourism industry in its broadest sense, including; transport, visitor attractions, service providers, DMCs and other stake holders.

This course is based on helping professionals improve their level of professional English so as to be able to communicate effectively in the work environment.

In this course we adopt variations of both the Communicative approach- aiding students to become better communicators, and the Lexical approach- focusing on combining words, phrases and expressions, both of which will give students the language skills they need to communicate fluently and accurately in their chosen field.

The course materials focus on adapting the four skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as focusing on grammar, lexical issues and pronunciation, all within a tourism-centred context.

Student needs are an important aspect that we take into consideration when developing course materials and the themes covered would apply to a wide range of students working in different fields,.

Lessons are based on exposure to target language and simulating real- life situations.

Course includes:

Online placement test.

Professional on-line training suitable for workers in the tourism industry

On-line contact with tutor for support to participants

Course material to participants on-line

Certification of participation and attendance


Some of the topics covered in this course:

  • Management Style

Company organization and structure

Human Resources Management


        • Meetings

    Language of Negotiation

    Conflict management


 Building Rapport

Working on common goals

Structuring of teamwork


Development of team members

Giving feedback


Building a cooperative atmosphere

  • Social English

Making appointments/ reservations/ bookings

Small talk- general topics/ fixed expressions

Corporate entertaining

Cultural awareness in social and professional situations


  • Personal Skills

Self development

Customer care

To make your reservation please send us the details below filled in:




Gender:   Male / Female

Date of Birth:


E-mail Address:

Mobile Number:

Passport or ID Number:

On info@amlanguage.com, and we will get back to you with your booking confirmation. 

Scans of ID cards /Permits and letters of employment