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Admin and reservations Coordinator Vacancy!
MAria Aviles / March 10, 2017

Admin and reservations Coordinator Vacancy!
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For more information or to apply contact Marisa Grixti on marisa@amlanguage.com

Job Description:

–         Filing all papers generated from bookings: quotes, payments, enrolment forms
–         To input bookings and process and communicate the information to all related departments namely, Tuition, accommodation and leisure.
–          To generate and send Acceptance Letters, Visa Letters, Time Tables to agents, and monitor the directs sent by reservations
–          To chase agents for Placement Tests and all missing details, flight details, payments.
–          To generate and update reports for student arrivals and departures on a weekly basis, checking flight details for individual arrivals and departures. Preparing Reports for Arrival and Departure students as well as Taxi Arrival and Taxi Departure. To make sure that everything is 100% confirmed and correct for the students’ arrival and departure.
–          Chase and collect all monies for am Language Studio bookings
–          To prepare deposit slips for the money to be passed on to Finance department and keep a record on Excel
–          Check and allocate Payments and prepare paperwork for Finance department
–          Deal with all paper work for refunds to be presented to Finance department
–         Fiscal invoices for departed clients for finance department
–          New Agent Agreements
–          Debtor Lists checking and reporting to Manager on weekly basis
–          Make notes and keeps Sales Manager aware about student’s situations at school
–         Issuing purchase orders for hotels bookings
–         Issuing invoices for commission
–         Handling students on visa