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5 Top Tips when learning English
Chris Knights / May 17, 2016

5 Top Tips when learning English
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A very frequent question that students ask their teachers is about how they can improve their level of English when not in class.

The following are 5 Top Tips gathered from am Language Studio teachers to help you improve

1. Watch series or films in English
The more you expose yourself to the language the more you will learn. You may not be able to produce or be as exact as you want to be, but by watching series or films in English you will realise that you are able to understand more and more as time goes on.

2. Post- it your home
Especially effective for lower levels getting used to learning more vocabulary. The more you see a word and associate it with an object, the quicker you will be able to remember it. Write the word on a post- it note and stick it to the object in your home- in this way you will repeatedly see it and eventually learn it.

3. Socialise with others from different countries
By meeting people who do not speak your language, you are putting yourself in a situation where you have to try and communicate. This will help you build confidence- so relax and just try! Remember: the people you socialise with are in the same situation as you!

4. Change the language on your social media account or smart phone
This may seem daunting for many- but by following this advice you are again surrounding yourself in the language. This may get confusing at first but you will get used to it in no time at all since a lot of the functions on your social media accounts or apps in smart phones are more of a visual than based on wording.

5. Be realistic!
One of the worst mistakes you can do is to put too much pressure on yourself. Learning a language does not mean cramming in as much information as you can and hope for the best… it is about gradually learning, understanding and using the language. Set realistic goals and work towards them but remember… everyone learns at different speeds.. so take the time and learn properly.

Learn English with us… and Enjoy!!

Have a good week