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2018’s Summer Carnival
MAria Aviles / August 10, 2018

2018’s Summer Carnival
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2018’s Summer Carnival will be held fromFriday the 19th to Sunday the 21st August.

A carnival parade will take place along the Marsaskala promenade on Sunday 21st from 19:00 onwards, which is expected to attract a large crowd. The rest of the event will take place in Buġibba.

What to expect?

On both Friday 19th and Saturday 20th August, the traditional ġostra, which in Italian means tournament, will be taking place in Buġibba. This tournament involves a large pole that hangs over the water and it is covered in slippery liquid, such as grease or animal fat. People then try to walk across this pole without falling into the sea. It can be very entertaining to watch. You can also expect to and experience dancing, music, colourful clothing and a fun atmosphere.

Phrases to describe Carnival

‘It’s full of people’

Meaning: As the phrase indicates, this phrase is used to say that there are a lot of people.

‘The place is buzzing’

Meaning: The atmosphere and the feel of the event/place is full of happy energy.

‘This/that’s smashing!’

Meaning: This very British phrase can be used to say that something is GREAT!

Language Blog Challenge

Link the words in bold to their meaning below, and let us know what your answers are.

Lots of people in a place

Something that is not in the water, but is above the water

Something wet that makes it difficult to walk or stand on

A place to walk, usually next to water