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12 Reasons why you have to visit Malta NOW!!!
Chris Knights / May 17, 2016

12 Reasons why you have to visit Malta NOW!!!
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For such a tiny rock in the Mediterranean, Malta has more to offer than you can imagine. There are many aspects which make it special- it’s a melting pot of people, a mix of the local Maltese culture and the increasingly multi- cultural population.

What do I love about it? I have to say that my favourite thing about Malta are the long, hot summers. Now I know many may disagree with me on this… but what better way to relax after days at work, than with a cool drink in the sun and a dip in our crystal clear blue waters!!!

Here are 12 reasons why you should visit Malta

  1. Among the cleanest beaches in Europe


2. The oldest free- standing temples in the World are here…


3. Maltese bread is amazing! Fresh, warm Maltese bread reminds me of my childhood- eaten filled with fresh tomatoes and tuna mix, or toasted with melted butter, it is surely one of the best things anyone can taste


4. Cisk! Malta’s own beer… and a very good one as well. It’ s a very popular choice for locals and tourists alike.


5. Everybody speaks English- as many know, Malta is bilingual, meaning that the majority of people speak both English and Maltese.

Friends talking in cafe


6. V-18 – Valletta will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. This means that throughout these preceding years, there are constant activities happening in and around Valletta- festivals, dance shows, art shows, fashion week events and much more

flower fest

7. Fresh seafood is a part of our staple diet


8. The climate is close to perfect: mild winters and long warm summers…


9. The most beautiful little boats you’ll ever see- traditional Maltese fishing boats dot the seas around the island bringing colour to the blue waters


10. History is all around you


11. The Nightlife is amazing – imagine a town full of bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants and much much more…


12. Malta is ranked 3rd in the world for scuba diving- The Maltese Islands have a huge amount of fascinating places and wrecks to visit when scuba diving. The crystal clear waters make it the ideal place to dive and enjoy the Mediterranean.


Come join us and enjoy these beautiful islands

have a great week



(adapted from https://lovinmalta.com/malta/27-reasons-why-you-have-to-visit-malta-right-now)