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TEFL Course

This course is aimed at people who have no previous teaching experience, but wish to teach English as a foreign language. Trainees are introduced to a range of teaching methodologies, techniques, teaching and learning styles, learning material and various intricacies of teaching a language to various levels of learners. Additionally, trainees will observe experienced teachers, as well as deliver lessons in teacher-practice sessions with both fellow trainees and foreign students. Furthermore, following this TEFL Course trainees will have the opportunity to gain employment with AM Language. This course is approved by the ELT Council Malta.

Course Duration:

4 weeks – 45 Hours (Face to Face Course)

Course details:
  • 3 x 1.5 hours teaching practice of which1 hour is assessed. This is comprised of 3 teaching slots (20 minutes with real students).

  • 3 Assignments including Language systems, Skills and Lesson planning and Professional Development.

  • Weekly observations – either of peers or qualified teachers.

  • Weekly feedback sessions – peer feedback & tutor feedback and consultations.

  • Supported and guided/independent research.

  • Trainees will be directed towards recommended reading material in preparation for the various sessions. Various topics will also be targeted for independent research with particular reference being made to assignments 1 & 2.

Course dates:

Start date: 06th November 2023; End date: 01st December 2023

Start date: 08th January 2024; End date: 2nd February 2024

Start date: 04th March 2024; End date: 2nd April 2024

Start date: 06th May 2024; End date: 31st May 2024

Start date: 03rd June 2024; End date: 28th June 2024

Start date: 02nd September 2024; End date: 27th September 2024

Start date: 03rd November 2024; End date: 29th November 2024

Time Table:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
(Wednesdays – self-study day)

Session 1: 17.00 – 18.30; Session 2: 18.45 – 20.00

Course fee: €260.00

Please note that after successful completion of the course, you will be offered and guaranteed a teaching schedule to work with us at AM Language.

This is a perfect opportunity to kick start your TEFL career and give you real class experience in a supportive and familiar environment!


Should you be interested in completing the TEFL Course or request further information, please contact the Director of Studies at dos@amlanguage.com